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The Wedding of Paul and Jaclyn


Design, Flash, XHTML & CSS

There were two things I knew for sure. First, Jaclyn was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Second, when I got engaged, I wanted to create a small site to talk about our plans and our excitement. This is the result; it’s a small Wordpress powered blog (my first attempt at one by the way) that’s main purpose is to keep everybody updated about our wedding planning. Like any designer, I already have a redesign in mind and I look forward to refreshing it’s look around the first of the year.

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Who are the Bruins playing?

If you’re a sports fan like me you like to have a season schedule around. I’m tired of the fridge magnets and the wallet sized versions so I made something that makes sense for me. I spend most of my time near a computer so it only made sense to make a computer wallpaper. Hockey is my favorite sport so naturally I started with the Boston Bruins.

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