Jul 08 2008

The Build Guild is tonight!

Today is a very exciting day. Tonight, web geeks will unite in Salem, MA for the first meeting of the build guild. Within a month, the build guild had already reached it’s maximum capacity (dictated by the venue) with a total of 60+ being interested in the event. If you plan on going, I’ll be seeing you there. If you couldn’t RSVP before the cut off, move quickly to RSVP for August, though that’s probably going to be harder than finding a Wii at christmas.

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Jun 24 2008

An Event Apart Boston: Day 2

I’m doing this with no warning. I thought about doing it yesterday but I didn’t think I’d actually take the time to do it. While sitting here at An Event Apart, I’m going to attempt to live blog what’s going on. I’ll start with Ethan Marcotte’s Talk about Comps and Code and see where it goes from there.

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Apr 01 2008

Why I think Illustrator Is Better Thank Photoshop for Mock-Up Design

This article was sparked by a question put forth by Marc Amos, “If you were given only these options, which would you prefer to use to create website mock-ups: Photoshop or Illustrator? Why?” I was shocked by the resulting answers; more people used Photoshop over Illustrator, 2 to 1.

Let me say first and foremost, that I was an art student. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. I mention this because it is what started me on the path of using Illustrator over Photoshop. As an art student, during the time of Photoshop 5.5, Illustrator was a superior program when it came to creating and laying out text. At that point, Photoshop hadn’t implemented vector-based text yet and print projects, large or small, web design, and illustration, simply looked better in Illustrator.

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Apr 01 2008

Amazing Lighting

This photograph was taken at the National Air & Space Museum in Virginia. The lighting in that building is amazing. These two engines particularly caught my eye while I was walking around. You can see this, and other pics from my Virginia/DC trip over on Flickr.

image of two engines

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