Jun 24 2008

An Event Apart Boston: Day 2

Posted by: Paul Kelley

I’m doing this with no warning. I thought about doing it yesterday but I didn’t think I’d actually take the time to do it. While sitting here at An Event Apart, I’m going to attempt to live blog what’s going on. I’ll start with Ethan Marcotte’s Talk about Comps and Code and see where it goes from there.

9:30 PM

After a long train ride home, I finally have the time to sit to tell everyone how awesome An Event Apart is. This was my first time at AEA, and if you have never been before, start saving for next year because it is completely worth every penny and then some. Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer put on one hell of a show, but the credit belongs not only to them, but with all the speakers. I won’t get into what I thought of everybody’s talks, but I will say that Ethan Marcotte’s talk about Comps vs. Code and Jason Santa Maria’s talk about strengthening design will have the longest lasting impression on me. Both were wonderful speakers and they both had excellent topics that really hit home. The only negative thing I have to say is that when you have that many web geeks in one room, make sure you have a wireless connection that is up to the task. All in all, it was an excellent event. Being surrounded by all those like-minded people really makes you think about the kind of talent that is out there. I will definitely be attending again next year, sign me up.

5:57 PM

The End.

5:55 PM

Zeldman is speechless. This guy got promoted after this project. My guess is it was to keep him from doing this EVER again.

5:49 PM

Site 6 is crap, I am not going to even mention what it is or give you the url, it is horrible.

5:39 PM

Site 5 is Equifax. Imagery of a woman laying on the floor with a laptop is very popular today.

5:31 PM

Site 4 is shop5. Ummm, it really isn’t clear what this is supposed to be, and it is not very well designed.

5:26 PM

Site 3 is Vermont Housing Data. This time we have one that is actually working, minus a few design hiccups.

5:22 PM

Panthers are not marketers…nuff said.

5:15 PM

Site 2 is marketing panther.

5:10 PM

Zeldman realizes he knows this site because he uses Quicken.

5:06 PM

We start the critique with the intuit website. Uhhh, not so good for intuit.

4:41 PM

Jeff wraps up his interesting talk about the visualization of data. Time for another small break, then we finish the day and the conference with Jeffrey Zeldman and a critique of some of the bravest people in the room.

4:15 PM

I have never seen so many different ways to present data. Jeff showed one example where a man, who was about 6 feet tall, had pennies stacked up to his neck in a wall 5 feet wide and 6 inches thick and adds up to 1 million dollars. That total amount of pennies in the world makes up about two billion dollars.

3:47 PM

Jeff Veen takes the stage.

3:30 PM

Andy has finished his talk. It was pretty good. It was a different type to talk that what we’ve seen. It’s time for a break. Coming up next, our final official talk of the conference, Jeffrey Veen - Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps

3:15 PM

Andy was just talking about error/404 pages and mentioned the content on that page is important for keeping the user on your site instead of leaving. I completely agree, what I don’t agree with, is what he said about not leaving the message on that page in the hands of the developers. Developers can be quite witty. One of the nicest error pages I’ve seen was written by a developer I work with.

2:45 PM

Andy just compared opening your apple iPod to undressing your girlfriend for the first time. He followed that up with Call of Duty video. He has only been speaking for 15 minutes and I already know he knows how to relate his information to whatever audience he is speaking to.

2:36 PM

Andy, who’s going to be talking about designing the user experience curve, seems to be quite the storyteller. His description of the “The perfect hotel experience” was eloquently put and the perfect intro for what he will be talking about.

2:32 PM

Andy Budd takes the stage.

1:12 PM

Kim is all done with her talk. She is fielding some questions and in a few minutes it will be lunch time. YUM!

1:05 PM

Kimberly Blessing watches Star Trek….rock on!

12:45 PM

Once again, a speaker at AEA is making excellent points. Consistency and uniformity are key. Companies need standards to keep their processes neat, clean, and time efficient. She uses the term, “Cross-discipline buy-in” which I think may be my favorite term of the conference. A designer should not only take an interest in design standards, but they should be interested in development standards as well. An employee must want to improve the company on a whole.

12:32 PM

One major problem leading to the lack of standards, “Management isn’t demonstrating commitment to standards.” Man oh man does that ring all too true for me, but that’s why I am here. Maybe this time around, management will listen and apply.

12:15 PM

Kimberly Blessing takes the stage to talk about Standards in the Enterprise. She is also giving away copies of a book she co-authored to people who ask questions at the end. I wonder what her middle name is…

11:55 AM

PPK has just wrapped up his talk. Really great, inspiring stuff. We’ll be taking another break while we wait for Kimberly Blessing to take the stage.

11:35 AM

PPK is making great points about accessibility, specifically making sure that you pair any javascript mouse events with a keyboard event for those not using a mouse. Because assuming that everyone uses a mouse is, “Utter Nonsense!”

11:15 AM

I have never heard or seen this guy before, and in 15 minutes, I think I have learned more from him about javascript than I have ever learned.

11:01 AM

PPK is up now. He says javascript is not a technique, it’s a philosophy, interesting. As someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about javascript, I will find this extremely interesting.

10:42 AM

Ethan is done fielding questions, it’s time for a break. Next up: Peter–Paul Koch — Principles of Unobtrusive JavaScript.

10:34 AM

Ethan’s talk is coming to an end. He is easily one of the more enjoyable speakers to listen to, right up there with Jared Spool, Jason Santa Maria and Jeffery Zeldman. If there’s one thing I’ve learned outside of the whole design/development world, it’s that you need to be able to captivate an audience not only with your topic, but with your personality. You have to be witty, funny, and likable.

10:24 AM

Ethan has showed us the new design for the W3C that his company has been working on. Damn, that’s an improvement.

10:15 AM

The wireless connection finally returned (which has been spotty at best). We’re about 30 minutes into Ethan’s talk and it is very good. It’s about the balance between designers and developers. Ethan is making excellent points about how Designers and Developers should work together for the same goal. He makes a great point about how designers and developers should have internal meetings to make sure the design is maintained while the developer is using the best practices possible.

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