Jul 08 2008

Thank you Build Guild!

Posted by: Paul Kelley

I just got home from the first meeting of the Build Guild, wow! I expected to have a good time, but not this good of a time. I got there just a few minutes before 6:30 and there were already fifteen or twenty people there. They collected business cards from about 35 attendees and gave away a kick ass adobe backpack and t-shirt… not to mention CS3 Web Premium edition. The beer was tasty and the conversation was memorable. Everyone there couldn’t have been nicer. A quick thanks to everyone I talked to. You all rock! If I didn’t get to talk to you, I’m sure I’ll catch you at the next one. If you were unable to make it tonight, do not miss the next one in August, trust me. A big thank you to Marc Amos and Angelo Simeoni for creating this already very successful group. Keep your eyes on these two.

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