Nov 20 2009

The Art of Subtlety

Posted by: Paul Kelley

The Yankees won their 27th World Series title this year. **Insert Salary Cap discussion here** The Red Sox on the other hand have only won seven. This series of photographs highlights those seven Championships. It also highlights Fenway Park’s subtle, Amazon-like changes. The Red Sox ownership group has done a tremendous job updating the park over recent years without drastically changing the historical feel of it.

Besides some of the obvious changes like the Green Monster Seats and the Right Field Roof Deck, Van Ness Street is a prime example. These signs have only gone up recently, but it feels like they’ve always been there. It’s not glaringly obvious what has been done to the park unless you watch an old game from the late 90’s. It’s astonishing the changes and updates that have been made.

1903 World Series Sign1903 Wallpaper: Desktop & iPhone

1912 World Series Sign1912 Wallpaper: Desktop & iPhone

1915 World Series Sign1915 Wallpaper: Desktop & iPhone

1916 World Series Sign1916 Wallpaper: Desktop & iPhone

1918 World Series Sign1918 Wallpaper: Desktop & iPhone

2004 World Series Sign2004 Wallpaper: Desktop & iPhone

2007 World Series Sign2007 Wallpaper: Desktop & iPhone

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I love these photos.  I cant wait until your able to get the 13 up there!

good work

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Said Ryan,
on December 20, 2013 at 8:57:29 AM

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